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The VP Contest – FINAL DAY

October 15, 2010

So the day has really come… I still remember when I was contemplating submitting my application to be considered for The VP Contest.  The moment I was chosen to participate, I told myself that I would probably never be given the opportunity or have the ability to openly demonstrate and test my business acumen.  I have had a rough past couple of years and finding a job or trying to get someone to listen to you on why you would be valuable to their organization simply didn’t exist  anymore.  Therefore, with guns blazing I sprinted out of the starting gate on August 30th and without realizing it I have continued the sprint for 7 weeks, running like a bat out of hell to fully embrace the opportunity that I have been given.

7 weeks… 1,176 hours.  I have felt every minute of every hour.  Sleep has been put on the side as I believe I averaged 3 hours a night for the first 5 weeks until my body finally caught up to me.  With my adrenal glands shot with the overdose of caffeine that I have taken in, the only thing that I have had to power my engines is the sheer will to fight and win.  I have learned a tremendous amount about myself during this past month and a half and I have met some truly incredible people as well as forming new strong relationships with individuals that I hope to keep within my orbit for years to come.  I have updated my achievements page and included 95% of everything I successfully completed.  It’s difficult to look at that list as it appears thin to me in comparison to the effort and the hundreds of calls and emails it took to solidify them.  Not including, the hundreds of calls and emails required to get a deal almost closed then have it fall out for one reason or another.

With 2 hours to go until the final bell, I have decided to stop making calls and simply hang up my hat and process all that I have been through.  No matter what the outcome (results presented next Thursday.. brutal waiting period!)  I am proud that I had the ability to kick myself back into high gear and to start fighting again for a brighter tomorrow.

I have decided that I will continue to blog, however, I will be shifting gears with it.  I have been approached by one of the co-founders of one of the sponsoring companies as well as one of the final 10 contestants to start a freelance business development, sales & marketing company.  We plan on making this a side project as our main focus will be on the companies we are employed by (in my case, hopefully employed by), however, I am excited to share it once it is launched.  I know that our group of 3 can provide powerful solutions for small to mid sized companies looking for short term assistance.

2 more hours… then IM OFFICIALLY DONE!!

Special thanks to my family, friends and fiance for unruly support to allow me to spend the 100 hours a week necessary to fight through this competition.  Julie H., who has been an incredible supporter and talented behind the scenes marketing coordinator for me, Cory O. for his talent and skills in multi-media production, Woody & Brad from Skillcount to allow me to utilize their platform for the National Eco-Awareness Contest, Darryl from Suntopia Films for his talent in helping me put together the MBFS video, Nicole P. with her support, technical expertise and uncanny ability to help drive projects forward, Ellen G. to help promote and allow access of FitPass to her network marketing group, Chris W. whose expertise in the beverage industry allowed me to gain insight on how to approach such a competitive market effectively and efficiently, Felena H. for her initial and continued support of my efforts during the contest, Jen W. for her talents in writing and launching press releases,  Jackie & Tim from Custom Facebook Designs for their assistance in developing the Earth-List FBML site, Amy D. for her graphic design work for the EL FBML page, Reju from Reynex for his assistance in the development of the landing page for MBFS, Pete S. for his assistance in development of the EL Business landing page, Mike K. for his assistance in the development of the FitPass Landing Page, Ethan for his assistance in developing the landing pages for Shumway, special thanks to the CEO’s, team members and staff of all the sponsoring companies to open their doors and provide unlimited support to my requests, and last but definitely not least all the supporters and friends who have been following my journey and have given me the inspiration to work harder each and every day.


The VP Contest – Final Thursday

October 14, 2010

I thought it was going to feel like Christmas Eve as I enter into the night before the final day of The VP Contest, however, a small piece of me is sad to see the madness come to an end.  I think I will be much happier when I can spend the weekend with B and not worry about having to check my emails, or make a few phone calls or work on something that absolutely needed to get done.  So I guess… bring it on weekend!!

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I was able to get a deal closed that will drive fantastic results for FitPass.  We are estimating over $25k in gross revenues for this one campaign and I am very excited to see it come to fruition.  In addition to the revenue, the branding that will occur will be just what the doctor ordered for a company with such a simple yet great product.  I will disclose the exact details of what the campaign is after the contest is over as I have kept certain strategies locked behind closed doors to ensure that they don’t get leaked.

In addition to FitPass I was also able to line up a great opportunity for Shumway with a local powerhouse of an agency here in San Diego.  The details for me are still to come as this one is going to most likely close at the finish line.  Securing this deal will be the icing on the cake to a hard fought 7 week battle.

I learned today that the winner won’t be announced until next Thursday, so I guess after tomorrow I will just sit and wait to see whats in store for me.

The VP Contest – Final Wednesday

October 13, 2010

Today started off as an exceptionally frustrating day.  It has been difficult to get projects aligned and approved in such a quick time frame .  In addition, it just seems as if no one is ever available and getting a returned phone call is less then 1%.  Although the day started slow, I was able to power my through and get critical items completed.  I realize that it is going to be difficult to try and open new accounts or forge new relationships in the 2.5 days that remain, therefore, I have decided to focus 100% of my efforts on wrapping up any and all the loose ends that are out there.

I have successfully completed the multi-media video for FitPass and I should have that live within the next few hours.  The landing pages for Shumway are completed as well.  There is no more infrastructure work for me as I simply do not have enough time to get anything else done in that regard.  I am looking forward for The VP Contest to come to a close as I am really starting to feel the burn out.  My staple of diet coke and energy drinks have little to no effect on me as I have most likely nuked my adrenal glands over the course of the past 6.5 weeks.

I eagerly await Friday where I will most likely veg out and do absolutely nothing for a few days!

The VP Contest – Final Tuesday

October 12, 2010

I make the analogy that today is similar to the 8th frame in bowling.  The 8th frame is surreptitiously important as it sets you up for a big final score  if you close out a strike or even a spare.  Many can argue that the 9th frame is the most important, however, I see it differently.  Blanking on the 8th frame results in a loss of momentum and the potential loss of 20 extra points if you happen to roll a turkey.

Therefore, today is the probably the single most important day of the contest in regard to closing things out.  Every single “iron in the fire” has to be addressed.  In addition, these deals that I have been working on must start closing out in order for them to be finalized by Friday.

I was able to get my second wind as I received approval from two of the sponsoring companies to engage in a particular marketing campaign (to be disclosed later) that will drive in hundreds if not thousands of orders.  I am very excited to work on finalizing the details as even if the campaigns don’t run during this week, I will have them locked in as a future value that will be counted.  I must say that working alongside with Nicole on these particular campaigns has been beneficial as we complement our own personal skill sets.

It’s starting to shape up to be a very interesting week and I am excited to to work these new opportunities through to the end.

The VP Contest – Final Monday

October 11, 2010

I am starting to really feel the effects of 6 simultaneous 100+ hour work weeks.  Physically I am tired before my day even begins and mentally I feel as if my brain is melting.  I had to push pretty hard today to accomplish my checklist of tasks, however difficult, it was a productive day.

I am an inch away from closing a second distributor for Club-Bev.  This would mean that Club-Bev will have a complete distributorship line-up to all the on-premise (Bars, Restaurants, Night-Clubs, etc.) and off-premise (grocery stores, convenient stores, liquor stores, and gas stations) locations in San Diego County.  Therefore, closing this deal would be a big deal for the company as well as for myself.

I have opened up a few more  channels today for FitPass and I am currently working on strategy that could potentially sell hundreds if not thousands of their membership cards.  I am excited for them as my current partnership with another top 10 contestant may unveil some great things for FitPass.

I was also able to begin finalizing the landing page for Shumway as well as start finishing the multi-media video for FitPass.  These items should be done by tomorrow or Wednesday by the latest.

I hope I’m not starting to get sick as I feel off and a good nights sleep tonight is probably required to power through the rest of this week.

The VP Contest – Final Week

October 11, 2010

My day started at 6 am today.  I should have a relatively full day of work  ahead of me.  The agenda is as follows:

  • Find qualified leads for My Business Funding Source
  • Drive Traffic, build relationships and stock the shelves for Earth-List
  • Finalize infrastructure for Club- Bev as well as find new channels of distribution
  • Finalize and launch landing page for Shumway.  Leverage landing page via marketing channels to drive in referrals.
  • Work on securing partnerships for FitPass, begin cold-calling list generated by Nicole.
  • Finish multimedia video for FitPass
  • Secure Sponsors for VP Contest

In addition to the above mentioned tasks, I am working on something that if I can secure will be really exciting.  As well, I just realized today that if you search for “The VP Contest” or “VP Contest” in google I finally made my way onto the middle of the first page.

Therefore, if there are those that find this page organically, join my facebook!

The VP Contest – Technorati Claim Token

October 10, 2010