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What is The VP Contest?

October 3, 2010

As I utilized this past weekend to formulate new strategies that I plan on implementing over the course of the next few days, I realized that I have done little in regard to explaining to people what The VP Contest is and why I am passionate about my opportunity to be part of it.

The VP Contest is a business reality show/contest that will be traveling to 26 different cities throughout the US over the course of the next couple of years.  25 contestants are selected in each city and will be given the opportunity to work alongside 5 different companies in 5 different industries.  The contest is 7 weeks long and at the end of every week the contestants will be introduced to a new sponsoring company.  In addition, 3 contestants will be eliminated weekly based on their performance until the end of the 5th week, where 10 contestants will remain with an all out race to the finish. One winner will be declared at the conclusion and will be  presented with an opportunity to work with the production company or one of the sponsoring companies and obtain a base salary of at least $100k.

This sounded absolutely insane to me, however, I was enthusiastic to test my abilities against others that considered themselves to be professionals in business development and sales & marketing.  Therefore, I applied for the opportunity, was called in to do a filmed interview and was subsequently selected to be one of the 25 contestants.

Week after week we have been introduced to a new sponsoring company. In normal, real life situations, one would assume they would be allowed time to fully understand a company, its competitors, the nature of the industry and be given resources to launch a strategic campaign. This is not the case with The VP Contest. In order to be successful, I am required to learn and launch as quickly as possible with little to no marketing budget. This format has really forced me to think creatively and to utilize whatever available resource or connection I had to push my projects forward as quickly, cheaply and effectively as possible.

I have decided to publish my accomplishments in the achievements page of this blog as I think its important to stand behind the work that I have done.  It can be argued that it may provide insight to the remaining 9 other contestants, however, I feel confident that the work that has been accomplished would be close to impossible to replicate with the remaining time left in the contest. The items listed in the achievements page are the items that I have been working on or completed since Sept.1.

It would also be greatly appreciated for any of you to share your insight or introduce a lead that you feel fits with one of the sponsors:

I will share my daily experiences throughout the next two weeks and greatly appreciate all of those that care to take the time to read and follow along my journey to a new beginning.

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