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The VP Contest – A Great Monday Start!

October 5, 2010

I have pushed myself to close out the dreary and typically dead Monday’s in the past and  I was fearing that today would mimic those that I have become accustomed too.  Today, however, was the type of Monday that I needed to build momentum towards a strong finish.  I want to first note that I had verbally closed a deal with a distributor that wanted to carry “Passion”, the drink provided by Club-Bev, a couple of weeks ago.  It was a dream deal for this company and I had my reservations whether it was going to actually go through.  However, after we delivered our first 30 cases this morning (appx. 1500 cans) at the distributors location, I realized it was a real deal and we were moving forward as planned.  This is a major victory, as Club-Bev is a new company with maybe a dozen accounts at the most, and this distributor is set to unleash upon the 1200 stores he has access too.  If we can successfully move these cases, we are poised to deliver him a palette, which consists of 82 cases.  I hope to put an even bigger smile on the owner of Club-Bev as he definitely deserves this to happen.

Currently, it is 2:30am.  I am tired and plan on waking up in a few hours as I have a very busy schedule planned for… I guess later today.  I have to travel to Hollywood which will eat up most of day, therefore, I must accomplish a full day of work by 2pm.  I am pleased with what I was able to accomplish, not only in regard to Club-Bev, however, it was all about FitPass Network.  FitPass is a company that has created a consolidated fitness  membership platform in the central San Diego area.  They have 30 different independent fitness location rolled up under one membership card.  Great company, great product and definitely a great value.  They are new, therefore, branding and trying to hit a concentrated target market is vitally important.  I will list out the connections I made today and should have answers by tomorrow for most:

  • I established a great relationship with, they are planning on helping roll out the FitPass Card to their network.
  • I was able to network my way up to the national buyer for Sports Chalet where they are considering placing FitPass within their local San Diego stores.
  • I was able to win the support of the owner of, enough to have him email and introduce me to the CEO of his company in an effort to potentially utilize their network for distribution.
  • I am currently in negotiations with 2 different radio stations in San Diego to conduct a FitPass promo via their broadcast to help brand and sell the product.
  • I forged a relationship with an athletic apparel wholesaler who is working on coupling FitPass with a few of his products as well as introducing it to RoadRunner Sports.
  • I secured a relationship with the Health and Wellness department at the University of San Diego where they have agreed to promote FitPass to their students as well as introduce me to the head of the Human Resource department in an effort to provide the product to their employees.

I am excited with the numerous opportunities that I have brought to the table for the FitPass campaign.  I am certain that securing even one of the pending opportunities would be substantial for the company.  I will have to wait and see as to which deals I can close, however, at the moment they all look promising.  I have learned to not get too eagerly optimistic until the deals are closed, however, I feel the strategies that I have put into place have a strong synergy with the brand and the barriers of entry are low.  I will update on the results of these pending negotiations as they will either fizzle away or come to fruition through out the week.

In addition to my forward progress with FitPass and Club-Bev, I was asked to be part of a special assignment by Earth-List.  This means a great deal to me as I am greatly fond of their mission, brand, product as well as the members that drive their company forward.  It is rare to see such a passionate group work together incessantly to build their dream.  I am honored that they put such an important task in my hands and I will do my best work to help them succeed in this mission.

I eagerly away tomorrow as I have some very important meetings that can shift the landscape of my accomplishments even more so.  I have some exciting projects in the works and will go into more detail later this week.  Until then…Good Night!

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  1. October 5, 2010 7:51 pm

    Doing great Bob, I don’t see us as competitors in this contest but rather helping create a new trend in job market to get local businesses and workers excited about whats out there. It’s great to learn from your example as an obvious sales superstar.

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