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The VP Contest – It’s All About the Sponsor’s

October 7, 2010

I am pretty convinced that 99% or more of the people out there have experienced some sort of economic hardship during the past couple of years and I am thoroughly convinced that 100% know someone close to them that has gone through some sort of economic collapse.  It truly has been a tough time for the vast majority of us and I think its necessary to take a moment to reflect and not forget our past as we move into the future.  I entered this contest for a number of reasons and those that are close to me probably understand this more than others.  I decided to invest my time and energies in a contest that I believed and still to this day believe can be a platform  that enables me to prove to myself that I have what it takes to compete, survive, thrive and excel in the business world.  Sounds pretty selfish, right?

During this painstaking and challenging journey that I have endured the past 6 weeks, I have met some truly incredible people that I would have not otherwise have met.  My friends, family and fiance have been incredibly supportive.  Julie, my machine behind the scenes and unruly supporter has devoted a tremendous amount of time, energy and talent to help drive projects forward.  The countless companies and new partnerships that I have built relationships with all on the faith of the future has been an incredible experience.  I did not anticipate the “human” factor that has slowly yet steadily seeped its way into this short yet cut throat competition.  Even though I still have a week left and I am working as hard as possible, some of the initial dust has settled and I have had some time to truly reflect on the chaos of the past month and a half.  From the start, I have always had nothing but the best intentions to perform for the sponsoring companies and I wish each and every one of them the best in the future.  However, I have grown fond and attached to the owners and staff of these businesses and wish to do more for them when I proceed away from this contest environment.  These small business owners, just like you and me, are fighting to build their dreams.  Fighting to stay alive and put money on the table to provide food and shelter, something that we seemingly take for granted during the best of times.

Therefore, I am more than ecstatic on the decision that I made today along with another contestant.  We have crossed the boundaries of the individual dual and have decided to join forces on a specific mission.  We both feel the same in regard to doing everything we possibly can to drive value to those that have put their faith in us.  Those that have paid hard to come by money in an effort to build their dream.  So as we enter the last week of the competition on Monday, I am excited to work alongside a final 10 contestant to work efficiently on our own individual strengths to make an impact for FitPass.

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  1. Julie Hernandez permalink
    October 7, 2010 10:56 pm

    Call me a mother hen, but you make me so proud, every day, to know you.

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