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The VP Contest – Final Week

October 11, 2010

My day started at 6 am today.  I should have a relatively full day of work  ahead of me.  The agenda is as follows:

  • Find qualified leads for My Business Funding Source
  • Drive Traffic, build relationships and stock the shelves for Earth-List
  • Finalize infrastructure for Club- Bev as well as find new channels of distribution
  • Finalize and launch landing page for Shumway.  Leverage landing page via marketing channels to drive in referrals.
  • Work on securing partnerships for FitPass, begin cold-calling list generated by Nicole.
  • Finish multimedia video for FitPass
  • Secure Sponsors for VP Contest

In addition to the above mentioned tasks, I am working on something that if I can secure will be really exciting.  As well, I just realized today that if you search for “The VP Contest” or “VP Contest” in google I finally made my way onto the middle of the first page.

Therefore, if there are those that find this page organically, join my facebook!

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