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Definition: The below are items that have been either completed 100%, finalized or in the process of being finalized.  I decided to not include the hundreds of phone calls, possible future deals and relationships that have less than a 50% chance of being formed.  If I wrote out everything I have actually accomplished, the list would be 10 times as long.  I had tremendous success in breaking through the “gatekeeper” in practically every situation that was presented and I am happy with my results.  I would also like to note, that without the help of the team I formulated during the VP Contest, these results would not otherwise be possible.

Special thanks to my family, friends and fiance for unruly support to allow me to spend the 100 hours a week necessary to fight through this competition.  Julie H. that has been an incredible supporter and talented behind the scenes marketer, Cory O. for his talent and skills in multi-media production, Woody & Brad from Skillcount to allow me to utilize their platform for the National Eco-Awareness Contest, Darryl from Suntopia Films for his talent in helping me put together the MBFS video, Nicole P. with her support, technical expertise and uncanny ability to help drive projects forward, Ellen G. to help promote and allow access of FitPass to her network marketing group, Chris W. whose expertise in the beverage industry allowed me to gain insight on how to approach such a competitive market effectively and efficiently, Felena H. for her initial and continued support of my efforts during the contest, Jen W. for her talents in writing and launching press releases,  Jackie & Tim from Custom Facebook Designs for their assistance in developing the Earth-List FBML site, Amy D. for her graphic design work for the EL FBML page, Reju from Reynex for his assistance in the development of the landing page for MBFS, Pete S. for his assistance in development of the EL Business landing page, Mike K. for his assistance in the development of the FitPass Landing Page, Ethan for his assistance in developing the landing pages for Shumway, special thanks to the CEO’s, team members and staff of all the sponsoring companies to open their doors and provide unlimited support to my requests, and last but definitely not least all the supporters and friends who have been following my journey and have given me the inspiration to work harder each and every day.

My Business Funding Source:

Challenge: To generate qualified leads of business owners looking for capital to expand their business.

I have currently generated leads from the following industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Legal
  • Restaurant/Night Club
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Entertainment

Total Leads slightly under 20

Total Value of Leeds: $10,000,000 ++ (Not sure its the best idea to disclose the exact number at this point.  However, I reached the $10MM landmark in less than 3 three weeks).

Infrastructure / Business Development:

  • Designed, developed and launched a customized landing page for MBFS:
  • Scripted, created story board and performed voice over for a 1 minute video/commercial for MBFS, found on landing page.
  • Created a 13 page free report to be issued to visitors and interested parties that opt-in at the landing page.
  • Wrote and published an editorial on a San Diego woman’s business group website called Ladies Who Launch: Article Here.
  • Developed partnerships with business development firms looking to utilize MBFS as a preferred lender.
  • Conducted an e-mail marketing campaign to promote MBFS to over 17,000 recipients via Newsletters.
  • Implemented numerous online marketing campaigns that link back to customized landing page.

Challenge: To drive traffic, increase general awareness and to enhance search engine optimization in an effort to build value and increase revenue for the company.

Personal Strategy: To effectively create a campaign that maximizes exposure and simultaneously accomplish the direct objectives issued.  Therefore I decided to implement the following:

  • Designed, developed and launched a sustainability awareness campaign for with the help of  Contest Platform Found Here
  • Designed, developed and produced contest video with Cory O Productions.  Video Found Here
  • Designed, developed and produced landing page and business video with Cory O Productions.  Landing Page and Video Found Here.
  • Designed and launched an FBML fan page for Earth-List (graphic design work done by Amy Duncan from  Found Here.
  • Interconnected all pieces of the platform together.
  • Blogged like a mad man about the eco-contest.  Type in “National Eco-Awareness Contest” on google to find the articles.  I am pretty sure I dominate 90% of the first page.
  • Secured a featured listing position for Earth-List to conduct a weekly live 1 hour green broadcast on  (Projected pass through viewers: 15,000-20,000)

Sustainability Campaign Overview:

Allow participating contestants to upload a 30 second video answering the following question:

“What do you do on a daily basis to help make the Earth a better place?”

Philosophy behind the question: It can be argued that there are many people that make their own unique contributions to the Earth in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint to drive forward their own sustainability efforts.  In addition, I hypothesized that people whom are environmentally conscious or would like to be more environmentally aware may be more apt in watching short 30 second bursts of information.  In addition, the tactics displayed by the video providers may be incorporated by the viewers, creating an opportunity for each one of to learn from another.  Therefore, the larger the participation, the greater the impact we can make as a whole towards a more sustainable future.

Strategy behind the question: Simply launching an eco-campaign, or a campaign of any sorts requires marketing.  I was hoping the simplicity of the campaign and the potential impact it could create would open doors to form partnerships with larger organizations to help spread the awareness of its existence.  Therefore, I commenced an aggressive endorsement campaign that simply involved asking institutions to stand behind the initiative and spread the word via their networks.  I am still in the process of forming partnerships, however, to date I have received support from the following organizations:

  • REI of San Diego, Northern California and Los Angeles: totaling 20 stores. – (REI is helping promote the contest via their store locations, electronic newsletters, websites and social media platforms).
  • WholeFoods of San Diego – (Social Media & Twitter announcements).
  • – (electronic newsletters and social media).
  • Oceanic Preservation Society  -(electronic newsletters and social media)
  • – (electronic newsletters and social media)
  • – (Featured on their website)
  • CIC – (electronic newsletters)
  • Total email campaign to reach over 500,000 with current endorsing parties.

Challenge: To sell cases of a specialty/niche beverage to c-stores, night clubs, restaurants, bars, etc.

Product Pricing: $3.00 per can, 48 cans per case, totaling $144/case + $44 shipping.  We were given little to no samples as the product is too expensive to distribute samples as other beverage companies normally do.

Mission… impossible?

Strategy: I quickly realized this particular product would be challenging to sell as not only is it a new product with little to no brand value, it was also priced extremely high in comparison to other 8.4 oz beverages on the market.  Therefore I decided to forge a relationship with a very specific distributor located in San Diego after many strategy sessions with CW.  Result:

  • Distributor agreed to become the sub-distributor of the beverage and wanted the exclusive rights to disperse it amongst the 1200 c-stores they have access to in San Diego County.  In addition, I sold it to him at our target price point.  This effectively blocked other contestants from being able to sell the product to c-stores within San Diego without going through my newly formed relationship, while also carrying me the potential of selling palettes (82 cases) at a time instead of single cases store by store.
  • Won the rights to be the exclusive mixer at the Sacramento Halloween Zone Party at the Cal Expo Center.  20,000sqft arena that has held a sold out crowd over the past 14 years.  The beverage has the rights to be distributed amongst every liquor stand in the event with other additional perks that could help the branding of the product in a tremendous fashion.
  • Currently…in conversation with a second distributor in San Diego that is possibly interested in carrying the product and distributing it exclusively to Night clubs, Restaurants and Bars throughout the city.
  • With a lead presented to Club-Bev by  another final 10 contestant, I was asked to take the lead to close a 2 nightclubs in the Gaslamp Quarters of San Diego. (Looks like we will get this one closed Nicole!)

Shumway Cosmetic Surgery

Challenge: To introduce new clients and patients to the plastic surgery institute.

Strategy: Develop a personally controlled landing pages to point my marketing efforts to.


  • Successfully developed two separate landing pages that allowed me to create targeted advertising campaigns for different procedures or operations the Dr. provides.
  • Landing pages can be found here: DISCLAIMER – There is partial nudity in the videos that I used as they show before and after pictures of breast augmentation procedures performed by the Dr.
  • I opened a channel for Dr. Shumway to participate in an advertising blitz run by Sign On San Diego and The San Diego Union Tribune.  This particular marketing blitz will reach over 250,000 people via double op-ed in email subscriptions looking for the “Daily Deal.”  In addition to being presented via email, the practice will also be given the ability to have their deal on the front page of as well as the front page of the newspaper circulation, The San Diego Union Tribune.   Historical analytics forecast over 200 products to be sold during this one day campaign.  In addition to generating revenue, utilizing SOSD and The SD Union Tribune will serve as an excellent catalyst to increase the Dr.’s branding within the local community.
  • Currently I have successfully referred 5 new clients to the institute in the first week and my online marketing efforts have been running consistently with the launch of the new landing pages.

FitPass Network

Challenge: To sell their consolidated gym membership card.

Strategy: To find a concentrated, female skewed, athletic audience to market to.  Build landing page and video to help with online marketing efforts and to increase conversion.


  • Successfully won the endorsement of The University of San Diego.  The Health and Wellness department has agreed to distribute FitPass information to the students.
  • Currently in discussion with the Human Resources dept. of USD to promote FitPass to their Employees.
  • Currently in negotiations with Sports Chalet to use FitPass as a promotional item to draw customers to their stores.  Very similar to how they currently utilize Ski Resort Tickets during the winter time.
  • Currently in negotiations with Road Runner Sports, San Diego to use FitPass as a promotional item to draw customers to their stores.  Very similar to how they currently utilize Ski Resort Tickets during the winter time.
  • In discussion with 2 different radio stations to run a FitPass (10th caller free pass) promotional campaign.  I have been given the approval to give away 12 FitPass membership cards, creating a great structure for a 1 Free FitPass every 30 minutes to the 10th caller.  People that don’t win will be given a special promo code over the radio to purchase a FitPass at 50% off.  Great way to get radio exposure and increase branding.  Radio Station is a major station in San Diego with a high female demographic.
  • Currently in discussion with a few major organizations in San Diego to promote FitPass to their employee base as part of a health and wellness promotion.  This was accomplished with the joint effort of Nicole P., another VP Contest top 10 finalist.
  • Formed a relationship with a network marketing company that is introducing FitPass to their network marketers in an effort to expand their ability to reach new clients.
  • Landing page and video built.  Found Here.
  • Last but not least….
  • Get your GROUPON!  This was not as easy as you may think.  I was able to negotiate a highly favorable deal for FitPass to be featured on in late December.  Initial forecast, based on their metrics, 1,500 FitPasses sold.  This is a low end projection.  This equivocates to over $20k in gross revenue for the company as well as unleashing an incredible branding mechanism.  Look for FitPass on in late December.. perfect timing as the Athletic industry is at its peak right at the cusp of the new year.

VP Contest

Challenge: To find companies interested in sponsoring future VP Contests within different cities throughout the country.


  • Successfully referred and sold a $5,000 sponsorship package for an upcoming contest.
  • I have built a bank of 3 companies that are interested in participating in future VP Contests.
  • Succesfully began sourcing new contestants for future VP Contests by negotiating a deal with a local recruiting firm to blast the VP Contest opportunity to their database.

H2A Systems

H2A is not a sponsoring company of The VP Contest, however, I issued to RFP’s for two 4 camera systems, each value apx. $4,200.

Videos Produced

My Business Funding Source: Landing Page Video Business Landing Page Video: Eco-Awareness Contest Video:

FitPass: Intro / Landing Page Video:

The VP Contest: Contestant Video – Incomplete:

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  1. Martin permalink
    October 11, 2010 11:12 pm

    Keep it up Bob, you got this.


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