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“Bob, thank you for the investment of your time and the achievements you have made promoting My Business Funding Source in the VP contest.  The number of bona fide leads you have produced has exceeded my expectations.  Your targeted marketing efforts have created highly desirable clients for my business.  Your knowledge of various marketing venues as well as your desire to succeed makes you a highly valuable asset.  Any company would be fortunate to have you leading a team on their behalf.  Even more beneficial to my business, the customers you have brought continue to expand into a larger network of deals.   Thank you for helping grow my business.”  Michael F. Jensen, Owner, My Business Funding Source

“Bob is a huge ball of energy that has the uncanny ability to hyper-focus on a client’s needs and deliver exceptional results in an amazingly efficient manner. In working with Bob on the Earth-List campaign, he was so intent on delivering the best possible experience for his client that push us (SkillCount) to make changes to our platform as a whole. We are confident these updates will not only benefit Bob’s client, but also add value for every SkillCount contest in the future.” Woody Hunt, Owner,

“Bob, I can’t thank you enough for the work you did for me and my company this past 7 weeks.  You single-handedly more than doubled my business because of the way you approach potential accounts.  I have never met a salesperson so focused on the task of business to business, building relationships, communicating the product, understanding the sales cycle and eventually closing the deal.  You taught me how to think outside of my comfort zone when looking for new accounts. You made it easier for me to get my product into the hands of more accounts without sacrificing my needs or lessening profits.  Wherever you decide to focus your energies in the future I know you will be a success. To the firm that is fortunate enough to bring you on, they too will benefit from what you know and how you work.  Good luck and please stay in touch.” Jim Schaefer, Owner, Club-Bev

Bob, on behalf of and my team I would like to relay a deep, heart-felt thank you for everything you have done for my business in the short 7 week period we worked together in the VP Contest reality show. You have really shown what a superstar you are! I am continually amazed by how consistently you generate great ideas, executed those ideas with laser precision, on-schedule and as a result produced amazing results time and time again. I was in shock at how many national high-visibility sponsors you closed and brought on-board for the National Eco-Awareness Contest (Whole Foods & REI to name a couple) you designed for us during the VP Contest Reality Show. We are still experiencing superb results even after the show has ended. It is clear that any business venture you become involved with or assist in any way will experience results beyond their expectations and would be so fortunate to benefit from such a dynamic and driven individual. Thank you for elevating my business to a level I had not foreseen going into the reality show! My business would not be where we are today without your amazing talent, unwavering focus and endless drive. Peter Sinkevich, Owner,

“Bob is hands down the hardest working person I’ve ever met but that is not what makes him so successful.  There are a lot of people who can work hard and put in the time and effort but what sets Bob apart in the business world is his ability to implement and get the job done.  When Bob gets behind a project, things happen very quickly.  Implementation is arguably the most important part of growing a successful business.  It doesn’t matter how great an idea is, how many letters you have after your name, how great your management team is or how much support and financial backing you have, if you can’t implement, you have no chance.  And it’s Bob’s ability to implement and make the intangible, tangible that makes him a tremendous asset to any organization. “ Robert Kramer CEO & Founder,

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